Sailor 150 Fleetbroadband Systems

Offshore Marine Contractors Sailor 150 Fleetbroadband Systems provide a high quality and competitive solution for professional and seamless communication in offshore environments.

The Fleetbroadband Systems provide high quality voice & data services which includes a plug and play IP handset, windows laptop with a dedicated email address and simple connectivity for all standard use power outlets. The systems are custom built with quick and easy guidance making setup and packing up simple and manageable. The Systems are provided in specialist all weather storm cases designed for single user handling and low transport costs.

Heavy Duty Running Line Monitors

Offshore Marine Contractors (OMC) can offer Heavy Duty Running Line Monitors to suit a variety of wire sizes and calibrations to measure live tensions ranging from 0-150 tonnes. OMC Running Line Monitors have been implemented and used in multiple configurations on many of our rig moving operations. They provide clear and accurate line tensions in all applications which include:

• Monitoring tension on anchor lines
• Monitoring tension on span sets
• Testing winch pull capacities
• Monitoring tow line tensions

OMC stock multiple Heavy Duty Running Line Monitors for a variety of common rig wire sizes in wired and wireless formats with off the shelf availability for the following:

Wired Systems
32mm Running Line Monitors
38mm Running Line Monitors
52mm Running Line Monitors

Wireless Systems
38mm Wi-Fi Wireless Running Line Monitors

Marine VHF Radio Systems

Offshore Marine Contactors can offer a range of customisable marine VHF radio systems featuring Entel’s HT644 portable marine VHF handsets.

The Entel HT644 is a professional IP68 Submersible marine handheld transceiver that operates on the VHF marine band. The HT644 has 58 marine international channels, 10 weather and 36 programmable private channels.

The standard OMC marine VHF system contains the following equipment but can be tailored to your individual requirements:

• 6 x Entel HT644 portable marine VHF handhelds
• 6 x Entel HT644 spare battery’s
• 1 x Entel 6 pod rapid charger station

For any additional information or enquiries please contact our Great Yarmouth or Aberdeen Office.